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Danny Grant Soccer School (DGSS) Safeguarding Policies


After-School Football Classes & Weekly Training/Matches

  • All Danny Grant Soccer School (DGSS) sessions will operate in accordance with Covid-secure regulations and requirements. It is understood that these may be subject to ongoing change in line with updated Government policy.

  • All DGSS football coaches have advanced DBS certificates, as well as Safeguarding training.

  • If there is a national or local lockdown and sessions cannot continue face-to-face, credits will be transferred to the next available term. 

  • Payment is made in advance, on a termly basis – we do not offer make-up classes, credits or refunds for any sessions missed, or for cancellation.

  • We take photos of children participating in our sessions for use on DGSS material. We never include children's names or personal information.



  • Parents must inform DGSS immediately if their child has become unwell with symptoms of Covid-19 and/or tests positive. 

  • If the football coach develops their own symptoms/test positive, they will not come to the venue. DGSS will provide a replacement football coach or postpone/credit the missed session(s).

  • If a child becomes ill or develops symptoms during the session, the football coach will contact the parents for immediate collection.


Holiday Camps


  • Before the start of a camp, if a child is unwell, or has symptoms of Covid-19 and/or tests positive, parents must inform DGSS immediately. The child is not permitted to join the camp.

  • While camps are in attendance, parents must inform DGSS immediately if their child is unwell or has symptoms of Covid-19 and/or tests positive. The child will not be able to continue to attend from this point.

  • If a child cannot attend as above, we will provide a credit note for any full, unspent days, at DGSS's discretion. Credit notes are non-transferrable. We do not offer refunds.

  • If a DGSS staff member becomes unwell and/or develops symptoms of Covid-19 and/or tests positive, they will not come to the venue.

  • If there is a national or local lockdown and the camp cannot continue it will be cancelled, and credit notes issued for full, unspent days. Credit notes are non-transferrable. Please note, we do not offer refunds.​


Health & Safety

  • Adequate hand washing and drying facilities will be provided, including soap, warm water, paper towels and bins for safe disposal.

  • DGSS staff will wash their hands upon arrival and exit and will carry an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser and tissues for use during the session.

  • DGSS staff will oversee children effectively washing their hands upon arrival and throughout the day as required.

  • All children are taken on regular toilet breaks and our staff are on hand to help the children wash and dry their hands as necessary.

  • DGSS staff will ensure that children apply hand sanitiser throughout the day.

  • ​All pre-school / nursery children must be fully toilet trained and able to use the toilet facilities independently. Our staff do not enter the toilet cubicle and cannot provide intimate care. Children cannot attend the camp wearing nappies or pull-ups.

  • If a child attending Sportarama is tearful at drop-off, and is in distress at being left, DGSS staff will do their very best to encourage positively the child to stay. We ask that parents/carers assist and encourage the separation process. However, if after a period of time the child remains upset despite our best efforts, we will suggest that they try again on day two of the course. If the same issues occur on the second day, we will offer a credit note, valid for year, to use on a future course when the child is ready. Please note, credit notes are non-transferrable. 

  • Extreme weather policy: if there is a heatwave, with very hot weather, please be assured that the children will be kept cool and hydrated. Children will not play outside but will instead by in a well-ventilated, breezy Sports Hall for the duration of the camp. Children will have their water bottles with them at all times and will be reminded to drink throughout the day. We have also scheduled frequent breaks for water and their bottles will be topped up regularly. Please do not be alarmed if your child's water bottle is full at the end of the day, this is where it has been replenished. Please ensure that children are wearing sunscreen and have sunhats for when they leave the camp. Our staff will check regularly that no-one is suffering in the heat, or feels poorly. Our games and activities will be appropriate for the extreme weather.


Lunch and Snack Time

  • Parents must provide named nut-free packed-lunches, snacks, and drinks. Please ensure your child’s name is clearly visible on their items as many children have the same/similar lunchboxes and containers. Please ensure that food items such as grapes, sausages and cherry tomatoes are sliced as they are a choking hazard if eaten whole.

  • Parents must provide all food and drink in named packets or containers that can be opened and closed by your child. DGSS staff will always endeavour to help the children with their belongings, but please ensure your child’s practises opening their own items beforehand, to minimise contact with their items.

  • Children will eat lunch / have playtime with the other children in their group.

We take photos of children participating in our camps for use on DGSS material. We never include children's names or personal information.

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